Friday, December 14, 2007

San Fransisco

I went up to stay in San Francisco with Rajan Mama and Queelan Aunty for two days. Their house is really cool - the photo above is the view from their place. Kulen Mama and Suj Aunty were there too, and the five of us had a great time. I hadn't seen Kulen Mama since I was five, and I don't remember meeting Suj Aunty - Kulen Mama reminds me a lot of CP Mama in his mannersims, and Suj Aunty is really nice. And, as I was told by Dad before I left NZ, Rajan Mama and Queelan Aunty are truly great hosts.

We spent Monday looking at all the landmarks - the Golden Gate Bridge, Bay Bridge, World's Crookedest Street, Alcatraz etc. I couldn't find the Full House set though ;-p The one thing that I was super keen on was trying clam chowder in a sourdough bowl. It lived up to my expectations.

(for you Karunai Mama)

I fear that I am going to run out of adjectives writing this blog - please excuse the repetition but everything has been so cool thus far. Note to Bex and Kat - full cream milk here is great, only the trim versions are gross (in my opinion anyway).

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Katie said...

Ana, those photos are cool! I saw the reference to me and Mallory in the thing about The Dead Sea Scrolls : )