Friday, December 14, 2007

San Diego

Me, Suren Mama and Christine Aunty went down to San Diego for the day to see the Dead Sea Scrolls at the Natural History Museum. It was amazing - mainly for the fact that you are seeing them in real life. The exhibition starts with this beautiful photography exhibit of the Middle East. Just made me want to hard out go there. I can't really do it justice in words. Then there was lots of stuff about how the scrolls were discovered and put together (Mallory, Katie and Hannah - I reckon you would have loved it!) The word scrolls is a bit of a misnomer, since what they actually found was lots of little pieces which they then meticulously stuck together - and even some of the finished products have gaps. It finished off with a comparison of the old texts to translations of the Old Testament through the ages - pretty cool to see how accurate they were - and then modern bibles - there's this insanely cool illustrated one, with this graphic art, that's being made in England at the moment. Then there was this film which we thought was going to be interesting, but was almost entirely about the Qumran water system. Maybe interesting if you're an engineer :-)

We spent the late afternoon and evening down by the waterfront and then went over the bridge. I still haven't got used to having a camera with me, so forget to capture things (not that you could take photos in the Museum). I did take one of this statue though -we couldn't figure out what it was other than a dude getting his pose on and smelling his armpit.

Oh, and this one which was my attempt at San Diego at night but coz we were bumping around in a moving car it came out like lots of coloured sparklers...

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