Friday, December 14, 2007

The Anketells

My family over here are super cool. For most of my time in California, I've stayed with the Anketells in Pasadena, a little bit out of LA. They have made me feel like one of the family - so much so that I got over my fears and played the piano while they were around! It has been choice getting to know them all. There's Suren Mama (my mum's first cousin) and Christine Aunty. The have three sons. Chrishan lives in NY, so hopefully I get to see him when I'm there. Romesh (24) has his own place, coming home for the weekends, and Jehan (14) lives at home. They have incredible self control - not laughing at me (much) while I relive my childhood watching Sesame Street, Full House and Fresh Prince reruns (I never made it to Chucky Cheese). They've been really generous with their time - taking me around to see stuff and get things done. And they have great taste in politics and music :-) It has been awesome. I've loved it and I'm sorry to have to leave.

The foothills and palm trees - the staple view in Pasadena


But I'm off to Canada tomorrow morning. It's going to be freezing. Guess what though? I get to see Hannah, Stephen and Toby! Stoked!


hannah said...

Anashuya you rock! thanks for putting the time and effort into doing this for us all.

Kat In America! said...

Ana, I am so proud of you! Now when you come home you can play for us too! Love you loads!

Katie said...

Hi Ana! Your blog rocks! Me and Mallory will keep on e-mailing you!