Tuesday, November 4, 2008


After a few months here, the way that I talk has changed. My parents noticed it too - well, not so much what comes out of my mouth but how everything is now accompanied by a head bobble. Afraid that my new habits will continue upon return to NZ, let me share with you some of my new favourite phrases:

“My arm is paining.”
“You should go home and take good rest.”
“Have you reduced?”

"Have you eaten?"
“We have met with an accident.”
“Have you reached?"
“Should we pick you?”
“I need to get down at the office.”
“He has gone to his native place to see his cousin brother.”
“Where do you stay?”

"Fair price"
“I have a doubt about your message.”
“Please put my vegetables in a separate cover.”
“Yes, friend, tell me.”
“Signal lefta, Next signal U-turn. Left-side stop.”
“Everyday I go and come.”
“Ohhhh, why are you tensioning me?!”



kat (no longer) in america said...

tee hee! next I speak to you you can give verbal example.

Becs said...

ahh... memories... one which made it to my list was "small discussion" for a full-on verbal brawl involving at least 20 people all adding their two cents worth at once.