Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I'm famous!

Well, not really. But apparently I am cool enough to make it into the society pages. Check it out:

And then of course there was the accompanying write up:

"The city's favourite party ground that day, very much had the look of a conclave on Mt Olympus, paying honours to Bacchus. Our party favourites sure didn't miss it. There was a congregation happening around the counter, with heavy debates on new cocktails recipes, with people swearing by the best drink they ever had. What followed was a fun filled action sequence. DJ Mike, the magician at the turntables added the musical element which got our Bacchus faithfuls on their feet. Well, that was the beginning and the night went on an on as our party people danced the night away."

That's right. I am one of their favourite party people! It would, however, be unethical if I failed to point out some errors in the write up. Apart from the fact that it makes no sense and is grammatically flawed:

  1. The club was nearly empty
  2. The music was useless
  3. Nobody was dancing
  4. Clubs here close at 2am on a good night, 11pm on a bad night. Dancing the night away is not actually possible.
  5. Two of the Funtastic Four departed as soon as their friend arrived with her Blue Wonder to whisk them away to another club

Otherwise it's totally accurate. Especially the part about me being a party favourite :-)

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Kathryn said...

Oh Ana, you crack me up, I love you!