Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Rice Belly Experiment

Every time one of my girlfriends goes to South Asia, she comes back with a rice belly. It doesn't matter what size she was to start off with (resemblance to a toothpick included) or how much exercise she did while there (trekking to villages everyday and so walking 6 hours over rough terrain) - there seems to be something about South Asia that causes a serious case of belly roundness. What I have always wanted to know is whether this is related to their unused-ness of eating rice or their ethnicity. And so I propose an experiment (n.b. a very unscientifically sound one). I already eat rice 4+ times a week and am of South Asian descent - will I too develop a rice belly? At 7:30am on the 15th of each month I will measure my waist, and one inch below my belly button and report on my findings. 

I was going to take photos to track my progress but decided that showing everyone my expanding waistline may be unpleasant for some. Experiment begins May 15 2008. I'll keep you posted!

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