Sunday, March 2, 2008

lookout weekend, coz here I come...

Saturdays start off with brunch in Eastern Market. The fairtrade coffee at Murky is good (except that last week it got seized by the government, possibly for tax evasion though I don't want to spread rumours, but anyway it is not currently in operation...) and then there's standing in line with friends for deliciousness. Thus far I've tried the french toast, pancakes, egg plate and spinach omelette all of which have been great (and cheap too :-)).

Afterwards a bit of meandering through the stalls before heading over to the best second hand bookshop in the world. It is awesome. Pretty sure that I could live here (I would definitely fit on top of one of the shelves, though I might need to install a railing so I don't fall off in the night). You know how lots of second hand bookstores don't have good books coz no one throws out good stuff, well this one has great books! I don't know how they do it but they do. They also have these funny as t-shirts for sale -

Then its off for a wander through the city - to the galleries, museums or the monuments. This past week I went with Laura and her mate Nic (who has been to NZ - how cool is he?) to check out the Capitol and then to the botanical gardens. Ran a few errands, then home to relax for a couple of hours. They also involve chillaxing in a coffee shop, chatting with friends or devouring a book.

Saturday evenings is small group at home and then we hang out (or go out). Last weekend I gotta bust a move coz we went to two "birthday" parties - man can people dance here. Hoping to learn a thing or two before heading home...

Sunday mornings is normally church at Capitol Hill Baptist - I get to walk past the Supreme Court and the Capitol every morning - so I inadvertently muse about the meaning of justice while I walk the last five blocks. Really solid teaching, and they have an interns/college students lunch twice a month where I've got to meet some cool as people.

Then its off to see more museums, a random film, or just a walk if its nice out and then home to chill (though there's more of those concerts at the aboretum that I might check out too...). I haven't actually written about the amazing people I get to work with yet - stay tuned for the next episode "Interns".


Aych said...

Awesome to see your adventures!
((just read your post on Toronto -- ahh brings back wicked memories.. love how you say we ocasionaly had a spell of sleep.. ahh sooo sooo true!!! Awww how I would give anything to have that week back.. u, me, becky, sarah, ashwini, annemiek, the boys... **sighs**)
Much much much love to you

ryan said...

awesome, so cool that you get to "see DC" properly... have you discovered the meaning of justice yet?